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Racing Engines

Want to get the most out of your racer? Richmont Automotive has been building top-quality racing engines for over 25 years.

Whether you’re after top-speed or maximum torque, Richmont Automotive’s racing engines and components deliver just what you need.

No matter if it’s naturally aspirated, nitrous-boosted, blown, or turbocharged, let our professionals build you the engine you’ve been dreaming of, and your competitors have nightmares about.



Modern engine blocks are cast using a thin-wall technology, so they are lighter and cheaper then when factory blocks had heavier walls. A racing block will have more metal around the cylinder bores and in the main bearing webs for strength, and maybe some extra ribs, also. They are designed to give more strength and to allow the engine builder a bit more metal for machining. They also can be cast out of tougher metals, or lighter stuff like aluminum.

Cast iron racing blocks have a higher percentage of chrome and nickel for wear resistance in the cylinders and strength in the main saddles. They are cast with thick cylinder-walls so they they can be bored several times in small steps. They have four bolt main caps instead of two. The main bores are smaller to reduce friction. The cam bearing bores are larger so needle camshaft bearings can be used. The cam bores are raised up toward the intake manifold so shorter and larger diameter push-rods can be used and the cam will be out of the way for long stroke crankshafts. The lifer bores are larger so you can use more radical flat tappet or roller lifters. Most of them have provisions for dry sump oil pumps.



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